The Largo, nestled in the corner of Largo de São Domingos, is a fifteen-minute stroll away from the historic city centre and Douro River. Perched at the end of the vibrant, pedestrianised Rua das Flores, Largo de São Domingos is the beating heart in which several charming neighbourhoods converge.


Our concept is simple: to create meaningful connection with
Portuense people and their culture.


We seek to create this connection through experience. Dedicating time to get to know our guests before their arrival and during their stay, we treat every visitor with the hospitality one might provide when welcoming a dear friend into a family home.

Sometimes this might mean extra care in the finer details, other travelers may be more moved by special introductions or gifts. Every journey is specific to the guest; all interactions are thoughtful but authentic.

For those who’d like to extend this approach beyond the walls of The Largo, we offer bespoke experience curation services, introducing them to our friends and favourite projects throughout the city of Porto and beyond.


Conceived as an elevated private residence, The Largo weaves
together many spaces designed for people to enjoy the passing of
time together: the terraço, which includes a terrace lounge area
and infinity plunge-pool, the cloistered jardim courtyard and the
homely lareira living room are all crafted for conviviality.